cGroups are in session. Join one today!


(Small Groups) 
 The church is much more than a building or an experience, it is about community. Our Sunday Worship Experiences provide opportunities to connect with God and each other.  cGroups provide opportunities to connect with a smaller group in order to grow and  enjoy life in community.

cGroups are a way to meet up with fellow followers of Jesus in our church who are at different places in their spiritual journeys. cGroups volunteers consists of the group leaders, hosts, and participants. In cGroups, you’ll find a safe, welcoming environment, people to connect with and grow together spiritually. Some cGroups meet in homes and some at the church.  Connect in a cGroup, its more enjoyable doing life together!

If you have any questions about cGroups or to get involved, don’t hesitate to contact the church at 540.639.6287!